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Prismatiscape Interaction System for Unreal 5.3+

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Locally-bound global shader interaction system for Unreal Engine 5.3+


Automatic drawing to several intertwined simulations:

  • Small Foliage simulation (grass, ferns, shrubs)
  • Large Foliage simulation (reeds, corn, saplings)
  • Ground surface simulation (sand, mud, snow)
  • Water surface simulation (ripples, waves)
  • Wind simulation (for foliage, particles, clothing etc)

Check out the Demonstration video here:

Full setup playlist:

Playable Demo file here:

To install:
Ensure that Niagara Fluids Plugin is turned ON in Your Project (Edit -> Plugins)
Ensure "Enable Virtual Texturing" is ticked (Edit -> Project Settings)
Put the Prismatiscape ZIP folder in Your Unreal Project -> Plugins folder and extract.
You're good to go!

NOTE: Any changes made INSIDE the Prismatiscape plugin folder will be reverted when you update to the next version - ensure you make Child Classes of anything you want to override, or override variables in the Component Instances when they're added to your Actors.

For extra support and advice, join the Prismatiscape section of our Discord server:

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(32 ratings)
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Prismatiscape Interaction System for Unreal 5.3+

32 ratings
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